Disinfecting Services San Mateo County, CA

Zero Turn Power Washing provides fogging disinfectant services in San Mateo County, California. We are trained contractors that can disinfect your business or building so that you can welcome your clients back sooner than later. Showing your own clients that your business has been disinfected allows for a re-opening that keeps your staff and clients safe. Our specialists can also provide ongoing disinfection services to keep the spread of infection at bay.

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COVID-19 Fogging in San Carlos, California and San Mateo County

Fogging Disinfection FAQs

What type of preparation is needed before fogging treatment?

Before treatment, we will provide you with every detail concerning the application process for you to review. No people or animals may be present in the areas that we are treating. Our specialists wear PPE and hazmat suits to protect from the professional disinfectant fog, which is strong when it is first applied.

How long do disinfection results last?

The fogging disinfection process can provide permanent results if there are no infections introduced to the treated area. However, this is unlikely for many spaces as people and objects can carry viruses. Because of this, we offer ongoing disinfection services to prevent infections or viruses. We treat high-traffic public spaces or buildings including retail stores, hotels, gyms, real estate properties, and city departments. These places have a constant flow of people and products that can potentially contaminate other surfaces, which is why repeated disinfection treatment is important.

How long does the area need to be vacated after fogging treatment?

We require that the treated areas be vacated for at least 2 hours following treatment. This is done to ensure the safety of people and pets re-entering the space. It also allows time for the disinfection process on the surfaces to take effect.

Our team will work with you if you have any concerns in coordinating your fogging disinfection treatment. Request a consultation with us and we will help you get the treatment you need quickly and safely.

COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

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