Zero Turn Power Washing Reviews

At Zero Turn Power Washing, we clean and sanitize commercial, municipal, residential, and real estate developer properties. If your business or property requires steam cleaning, power washing, or sanitization services, call us for a consultation at 888.410.9910 or request an appointment online. Learn what our clients have to say about the level of service that we offer in and around San Carlos, California:

Power Washing Reviews in San Carlos, California

“Zero Turn Power Washing is hired on a weekly basis to sanitize our offices. As with so many other businesses, we are doing our best to combat COVID-19 and we use Zero Turn Power Washing as one of our defenses. Would highly recommend them for any sanitation project.”

-Jamie M.

“Neil did a great job. The house looks much better. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs power washing, residential or commercial. I wanted to add that Neil recently power washed my grandmother’s house. She is elderly and has been stressing over some dirty spots for months. Neil was very accommodating of her needs and gave her a great price. His work was impeccable, and we will definitely refer this service to other members of our family.”

-Annamarie M.

“I manage a two-story apartment complex with a large outdoor parking structure and pool area. I called Zero Turn Power Washing and the service I received was excellent! They paid close attention to my needs and what I asked them to do and they were very detail-oriented. They offered the best price out of the four companies that had come out and given me an estimate. They are a relatively new business with a patented piece of equipment that I have never seen before that works great! Their whole team is very nice and cordial.”

-Jessica R.

“These guys (father and son, both Neil) are terrific. We had a pergola, arbor, and large brick patio, all filthy, mildewy, etc. After about 12 hours of very hard work, our stuff all looks brand new. Along the way, Neil and Neil encountered some unexpected challenges, and they simply did what had to be done, always with a smile on their faces. We’ll be seeing them every year from now on. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

-Frank A.

COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

Learn about our interior and exterior COVID-19 treamtent options.