Our Services San Mateo County, CA

At Zero Turn Power Washing, we provide power washing services in San Carlos, CA, and to clients in the greater Bay Area and communities throughout California, including San Mateo County and Redwood City. Our highly trained, certified, and experienced team is dedicated to helping clients ensure the safety of their properties, businesses, and public spaces. If you require power washing services, request a consultation with us online or call 888.410.9910. Learn more about the specifics of our services below:

Disinfection Services in San Carlos, California and San Mateo County

Power Washing Services in San Carlos, CA

Commercial and Business Power Washing

Utilizing professional power washing treatments, we can remove years of residue, dirt, and debris from your property. Our commercial and business power washing services can be done overnight or during low-traffic hours to ensure we do not disrupt your business practices or clients. Routine power washing treatment prevents debris from building up on buildings, sidewalks, and other surfaces. Regular treatment maintains the look and safety of your business.

Municipal Power Washing and Disinfection

At Zero Turn Power Washing, we provide power washing services to cities and their government buildings. We keep budget and cleanliness in mind to implement programs that are weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Playgrounds, sidewalks, walkways, and more can be cleaned of dirt and debris for cleaner and safer towns and cities.

COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

Learn about our interior and exterior COVID-19 treamtent options.