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At Zero Turn Power Washing, we bring modern power washing solutions to San Mateo County, the Bay Area community, and areas throughout the state of California. Our equipment is top of the line, patented, and engineered to set our technology above any other power washing equipment on the market and clear all exposed surfaces effectively.

You’ve invested a lot into your commercial property or municipal area. We want to help you maintain this investment to the best of our abilities, which is what encourages us to only bring the best of the best equipment to each and every job. Our process, technology, and products can sanitize surfaces to prevent the spread of disease. Learn more about our technologies below:

Professional Outdoor Cleaning Services in San Mateo County California

ZRP 4000

Zero Turn Power Washing uses our patented drivable unit, the ZRP 4000, to effectively clean your outdoor spaces. This piece of equipment is capable of performing 4500 psi with up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit at the point of contact. We choose to use the ZRP 4000 because it is a portable, mobile, self-contained surface cleaner containing three heads spinning simultaneously, enclosed in a circular disk. This piece of equipment also utilizes the Sirocco vacuum system to reclaim all water pools before leaving the job site, giving us the eco-friendly element that our clients love.

Using the ZRP 4000 guarantees a high-quality level of cleanliness across all surface areas in which no spots are missed. This is perfect for gum removal as well because the gum is dissolved with high heat and sucked into our vacuum. Because the water in this surface cleaner is contained, this ensures that all areas are thoroughly cleared. After our first run-through with this technology, we provide one more pass over the area to remove gum and rinse with a new, commercial-grade power washer. By incorporating technology like the ZRP 4000, we continually increase efficiency while improving quality.


In addition to the ZRP 4000, we also utilize magnum power washers. These pieces of equipment are portable, mobile, and come with a specialized wand for gum removal. With 4000 psi, 4 gpm, 250 degrees F mobility, our magnum power washers help us effectively complete a job even in smaller, compact areas.


In order to ensure there is no overspray, our power washing equipment has vacuum ports. The vacuum allows for the water to get sucked, rather than sprayed throughout as you might see with traditional power washing equipment. This process also allows for a deeper clean since the surface cleaner is vacuuming dirty water, rather than pushing it away. All dirty water is disposed of directly to the sewage system.

COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

Learn about our interior and exterior COVID-19 treamtent options.