How Does Power Washing Work?

If your building has accumulated dirt and grime, typical washing methods may not get your property properly clean. Power washing services from a professional can get your facilities looking their best again with thorough cleaning techniques.

To ensure optimal results, our cleaning professionals are trained with advanced equipment and strategic methods. Zero Turn Power Washing, a company performing exterior cleaning services in San Carlos, CA, describes their approach when power washing facilities for commercial clients.

power washing equipment in San Carlos California

Choosing Efficient Equipment

If you want to provide the best power washing services, the first step is choosing the most advanced and modern equipment in the industry. Zero Turn Power Washing uses the ZRP 4000, a drivable machine consisting of three spinning heads within a disc.

Our team also utilizes magnum power washers, which feature a specialized wand for smaller and more forceful areas, as well as vacuum port units that suction discarded water used in the cleaning process. This equipment ensures that the exterior of your building achieves a thorough clean without wasting resources.

Focused and Thorough Cleaning

The mobility of the ZRP 4000 and our other modern equipment allows our cleaning team to wash your facilities with control and precision. The magnum washer can provide an even more effective clean with high power that can focus on compact areas.

This equipment can clean especially difficult messes, including chewing gum. Our cleaning professionals are trained experts who can plan their washing strategy to ensure your unique facilities will get completely clean.

No Mess Left Behind

Once your building is clean after the power washing process, you may be concerned that the grime that once formed on your property remains in excess water. Our professionals use vacuum port units to suck any dirty water produced during cleaning.

The water is disposed into the sewage system, not spread across your property to reaccumulate into more mess. This method is efficient and wastes little water, in accordance with state guidelines.

Hire Power Washing Services in San Carlos, CA

Zero Turn Power Washing offers exterior cleaning and disinfection services for commercial customers in San Carlos, CA. Our experts can keep the outside of your business looking its best and maintain safety and cleanliness on its inside. To get a quote for your project, contact us online or reach our office by phone at 650.227.9033.

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