Which Items Can I Power Wash?

Have you looked at your commercial property lately and thought it could use some deep cleaning? Power washing is a great way to remove built-up dirt and grime from your building and the surrounding outside areas. A professional exterior cleaner can have your space looking its best without damaging your facilities.

Not every spot of your property can withstand the process of power washing. That is why you should trust this project to an expert who will know which objects can handle the pressure. Read on to discover which items can benefit from thorough cleaning from your local power washing company.

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Safely Pressure Wash These Areas

Power washing uses equipment that generates strong streams of water to get rid of deep-set stains and debris and wash it away from your property. Regular maintenance in the form of this type of cleaning can help keep the structure of your facilities stronger for longer. Examples of spaces that are perfect for power washing include:

  • Siding: If your building has vinyl siding, pressure washing could be a good way to get rid of dirt and other pollutants it may have accumulated. But sometimes manufacturers may recommend alternative cleaning methods for their siding. It is best to consult with an exterior cleaning professional before proceeding with washing this part of your building. Brick buildings can also benefit from power washing. But if the side of your structure consists of wood or fiber cement, you may want to choose a gentler cleaning strategy.
  • Windows: Grime and mold on the exterior of your windows can be washed away with power washing. This cleaning method is ideal for the outside, not the inside, of your windows, though you should be careful around the glass panes. Ensure you shut your windows before this process so that you do not harm the interior of your building.
  • Concrete: Patios and seating areas paved with concrete or asphalt can be cleared of debris and stains using power washing. Professional power washers can use specialized tools to target tricky aesthetic problems like chewing gum.

Avoid Power Washing These Items

As mentioned, some spots on your property could suffer damage if cleaned with power washing. If you are hoping to clean delicate areas of your facilities, consult with an exterior cleaning expert before you begin power washing to make sure it is the ideal strategy. The following parts of your building should not be power washed:

  • Roofs: The shingles on the roof could shatter or become loose if exposed to the immense pressure of power washing. Consult with a cleaning professional if you are looking for a way to get rid of stains or debris from the roof of your building.
  • Home appliances: A refrigerator or stove could garner grime over time, especially with frequent usage. But power washing could harm the inner mechanisms of these appliances. Choose other cleaning methods for these items in your building.
  • Rugs: If your rug is looking dingy or stained, you might be looking for an effective way to get it clean. Power washing could harm the fibers of a rug, however. So you should ask your power washing company about other ways to clean it.

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