Erase Paint Stains with Power Washing

If you are completing a paint project on the exterior of your building, accidents can happen that lead to paint spilling on your property. Fresh paint may be washed and scrubbed away from a concrete patio if done promptly and carefully. But once the paint dries, you might have a difficult stain on your hands.

You can try harsh chemical products to get rid of this aesthetic concern from your concrete. But you may find effective results responsibly with power washing. Read on to learn how you can tackle stubborn paint stains on your concrete by hiring power washing professionals.

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The Effect of Paint on Concrete

Concrete and asphalt are common and useful materials to use for the outdoor space on your commercial or material property. They can designate a pathway for pedestrians, as with a sidewalk. They may also form an area that patrons can utilize for seating or other purposes.

Though concrete is an ideal option for these spaces, it is porous. This means spilled paint can absorb deep into the material. Stains like this can be difficult to remove, especially if left to dry.

The type of paint used and the magnitude of the spill can impact your ability to clean up this mess. You may want to discuss your project with an exterior cleaning expert to ensure you are addressing the issue in the most effective way.

Our Power Washing Process

You can eliminate tough stains from dried paint with power washing. A professional power washer can evaluate the stain and use the appropriate tools to get your concrete looking as good as new once again.

The high-speed stream of water used in the process of power washing will penetrate into the material. This scrubs at the paint that has absorbed deep into the surface. This process could work with discoloration that may remain if you cleaned up a majority of the wet paint when it spilled as well.

Trusting a professional with this task ensures that they can take the best approach to get rid of the stain. They will use the appropriate type of power washer and may employ paint strippers if needed that will not harm other parts of your property.

Choose Environmentally Conscious Paint Removal

When cleaning concrete on the external part of your property, you should keep in the mind the effect that the process can have on the surrounding environment. You will want to use products and methods that will not disrupt your community or harm the environment.

For this reason, you should not use paint strippers that contain harsh chemicals that could negatively impact local plants or wildlife. A power washing professional will use environmentally friendly products and disposal tactics.

This way, you can be sure that the water used during this task will be employed responsibly. They will also get rid of the dirty water at the end of the process. Thus, it will not linger on your property and will be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

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