Cleaning Your Parking Garage

A parking garage offers many benefits to vehicle owners who want a safe place to store their cars. It can shield them from outdoor elements. However, it can also become dirty over time.

Power washing treatment can get your parking garage looking its best once again. While you may want to tackle this project on your own, a cleaning expert can do a thorough job without damaging the structure. Read on to learn how professional exterior cleaners will approach the process of cleaning a commercial or municipal parking garage.

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Prepare and Rinse the Structure

Professional exterior cleaners will begin their process by examining the parking garage. By evaluating the property, they will learn which tools they need to use. They can also identify any problem areas that will need special attention.

They can also start with an initial cleaning that will make power washing easier. This may involve a starting rinse of each level of the parking garage. They may also use this time to sweep away large debris that could clog or otherwise disrupt the cleaning process.

During the walkthrough, the experts will note drains, pipes, and other fixtures in the garage that can impact the cleaning process. These items can receive cleaning from power washing as well.

Target Grease and Other Stains

An expert cleaning company will employ power washing to effectively and thoroughly clean your parking garage. They can use degreasing solutions and other cleaning products to target and remove tough stains from oil, road salt, and other substances.

These experts will know the appropriate pressure settings to use when power washing your specific structure. This ensures that stains can be removed efficiently without leaving marks or other damage behind. They will also be able to complete the job in a timely fashion without compromising on the quality of the service.

No matter the size of your garage, the cleaner can finish the job and meet and exceed your standards of cleanliness. Not only do we help you achieve the aesthetic goals for your property. We also want to keep you and the patrons of your garage safe with our help.

Proper Water Disposal

Power washing uses targeted streams of water to clear away grime, stains, and other aesthetic disruptions on your property. Cleaning is a major part of this process, but expert power washers also focus on the cleanup in the aftermath of this washing procedure.

An exterior cleaning company also employs water disposal methods so that you are not left with an accumulation of water buildup on your property that could make the place unsafe or messy. They prioritize environmentally friendly ways to get rid of this excess water.

You can be sure that these professionals will collect the water at the end of the process. Trust that they know how to dispose of it in a way that does not harm your structure or the ecosystem of your community. Professionals will understand local guidelines and best practices of proper water disposal methods.

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