Power Wash Before Your Renovation

If you hope to expand the space of a commercial or municipal building, you likely have a busy renovation plan on your hands. The outside of your building will say a great deal about your establishment, so you want to get the best results out of a remodel as you can.

This will involve some preparations before construction begins. You can see improved results from a renovation when you hire power-washing experts to clean your building beforehand. Read on to find three reasons why power washing can improve a remodeling project to the exterior of your property.

power washing improves exterior remodel projects

Why Power Wash Your Building Before Renovating?

Clearly Display Areas That Need Repair

The outside of your property endures weather, debris, and other types of exposure which can collect dirt and grime on its surface. Ideally, for proper maintenance of a building, you should power wash its exterior once or twice a year. Routine care like this will prevent harmful residues from deteriorating the structure of the building if they linger.

When you intend to renovate this property, you should schedule exterior cleaning services to power wash the area early on. Grime accumulation can restrict the visibility of your building. If this occurs, you might not have a thorough or accurate idea of its structure.

When you clean your building, you can better spot cracks, crumbling, or rot that might impact your project. This way, you will not stumble upon any surprises once the project begins. You can complete any necessary repairs without hindering your remodel.

Prepare the Surface for Painting

If your project involves painting the outside of your building, you will need to power wash the surface before starting this task. When you paint a surface covered with dirt, grease, and stains, the paint will not adhere properly. This could result in the paint flaking off after a short time or an ill-applied layer of paint.

A clean surface will ensure an even and effectively adhered paint job. In some cases, power washing can enhance the process by getting rid of prior paint, which can make your new coat of paint apply better as well.

Hiring a professional to power wash your property ensures that this cleaning process is completed in a manner that keeps your building safe. They will know which surfaces can undergo successful power washing without issue.

Boost Your Property Value

Power washing will give your renovation project a clean and sound foundation for any new construction. It allows you to have a fresh start across your entire property, on both older portions and newly remodeled parts of the building.

This will give your establishment a more even finish and boost the curb appeal. On a commercial property, you can attract more patrons to your business this way.

It can also get you into the habit of completing routine power washing as maintenance for this building. You can save money on repairs that might become necessary if you neglect cleanliness. And you can increase the value of the property too by ensuring it looks and stands at its best.

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