Don’t Ignore Chewing Gum Litter

Chewing gum is a popular activity that can bring you several wellness benefits. It fights bad breath, improves focus, and helps to curb other habits like smoking. Once the gum loses its flavor or texture, you need to dispose of it rather than swallow it.

Proper disposal of this item involves dumping it into the trash. But some people will spit their gum onto the pavement or stick it on a wall. This could be because it seems more convenient than finding a garbage can. This is considered littering, contributing harmful material to the surrounding environment.

If you notice gum stuck to your commercial property, you might feel unhappy about this disruption to the curb appeal of your establishment. But it could also pose further risks to the area. Read on to discover the impact that chewing gum can have on your property as well as why you should seek prompt removal of this debris.

clean your dirty littered commercial pavement

How Does Chewing Gum Affect the Environment?

Discarded gum on your building or pavement can make your property seem dirty or grimy and therefore less appealing to potential customers. The gum can also stick to unsuspecting patrons, making a mess of their shoes, hair, or clothing. It also retains bacteria from the mouth of the person who chewed it, which makes this type of litter also unsanitary.

The gum will also remain for a very long time because it is not biodegradable. Over time, it will harden, making it difficult to remove from the property. Local animals might attempt to eat the gum, putting them in danger.

Discarded chewing gum also contains chemicals that can introduce toxins to the environment as it eventually breaks down. It contains microplastics that will prove harmful to the local ecosystem. Though a single piece of gum seems like a minor problem, it can prove dangerous.

How Can I Remove Chewing Gum from My Property?

Now that you understand the risks that chewing gum litter can pose to your property, you should learn how to get rid of this debris. If the gum is fairly new, it likely has not yet penetrated the pavement, wall, or other surfaces it is stuck to.

In this case, you can use an ice cube to freeze the gum, making it less sticky. Then clear it away with a metal scraping tool.

Older, dried gum could be absorbed into concrete or other materials. Use water and an abrasive powder or cleaning agent and then scrub the gum away with a wire brush. Pay attention to the cleanser you use. Look up how it will impact the surrounding surface of the gum to avoid damaging it.

If your property has a great deal of gum litter along with other grime, you may want to hire a power washing company. They will use strong streams of water and certified cleansers to blast away the gum. Then they dispose of the used water as well as any debris, like chewing gum, safely and without harming the environment.

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