Preparing Property for Power Washing

Do you have a power washing appointment with expert exterior cleaners coming up? These professionals can ensure your buildings, external structures, and outdoor areas look clean, sanitary, and beautiful at the end of this process. But you can help these experts enhance this cleaning by getting ready ahead of this treatment.

There are actions you can take that will make the task easier and more efficient for the hired cleaners to power wash. Read on to find three ways you can prepare your property for professional power-washing treatment.

tips to protect property before power washing

Get Ready to Power Wash Your Building

Clear or Sweep the Designated Area

Exterior cleaners can better clean your property through power washing when they can move and navigate the space without issue. A cluttered area due to debris or other miscellaneous items could impact the cleaners’ ability to access your building or property to wash it.

To avoid this potential problem and to make sure you get the most out of these power washing services, consider clearing away litter or other items in and around the designated area. You might want to sweep pavement that needs washing, for instance.

This makes the cleaning supplies better able to treat the area. And it allows the cleaners to move and set up where necessary. Without excess hindrance, the cleaners could complete their project faster as well.

Remove or Secure Outdoor Items

You might have some items in the area that needs power washing that are important to your business and not easily discarded. If possible, you should remove these items and store them in a safe place. This way, they will not be power washed if they are not meant to.

Not all items can transport with ease. So if you cannot clear away some outdoor items, like heavy furniture, try to secure them as well as possible. Power washing uses high-pressure water to clean your property. This process could damage some items or cause them to fly away.

Take note of your outdoor space in this location and which items can or cannot relocate. Then check whether the remaining items can be covered or otherwise protected from the power washers. You may want to think about your landscaping in relation to the power washing project as well.

Close Windows and Other Openings

Before the cleaners arrive to power wash your property, you might want to check the doors, windows, and other openings in the building. You should shut and lock them. Otherwise, water from the power washers could spray the interior of the property.

This could lead to extensive damage inside, as the power washing process is designed to suit exterior property specifically. Keep these areas safe from harm by checking that you close these openings prior to your power washing appointment. Call your local power washing company to learn more ways that you can get your unique property ready for this cleaning project.

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