Comparing Pressure and Power Washing Services

As a property owner or manager, you understand that the exterior of your building and other outdoor structures will require maintenance. This includes regular washing to get rid of grime and dirt accumulation. But how can you tell if you should seek power washing or pressure washing for this task?

Though similar, these two external treatments do carry significant differences from one another. A cleaning professional can inform you of these variances as well as complete this project effectively and efficiently. Learn more about power washing and the results from this cleaning solution compared to pressure washing in this month’s blog.

power washing commercial property

How Do Pressure and Power Washing Services Differ?

Pressure washing refers to the use of a device that generates a stream of highly pressurized water which then blasts away dirt and debris from targeted areas of your property. But doesn’t power washing do the same thing? The answer to this is yes, but power washing takes this treatment a step further.

Along with high-pressure water, power washing will include a heating element with the treatment. The hot, powerful water from this tool can tackle more stubborn stains than pressure washing alone.

Pressure washing will handle cleaning dirt just fine. But power washing can thoroughly get rid of chewing gum, mold, weeds, and more. The high temperature will not only kill moss and weeds, but it can prevent them from growing back.

The success of each type of treatment can vary depending on the type of material of the structures in question as well. Porous concrete, for instance, can absorb stains deep into the material, which more heavy-duty power washing can handle better than pressure washing.

Is Power Washing Right for My Property?

If you have a smaller cleaning job on residential property, you might want to try pressure washing. This device will be less harsh on your more fragile surfaces. But municipal or commercial establishments with larger surface areas to clean can benefit from power washing services.

The heated water with power washing tools can make cleaning these spaces both easier and faster. The high temperature will loosen stubborn grime to more effectively remove stains, including grease. So if you have delayed exterior cleaning in the past, you can trust power washing to get your space looking as good as new again.

Regardless of which job you intend to pursue, you should hire a professional to clean your property. They will know which tools to employ for specific messes. And they will understand how various surface materials will respond to different cleaning techniques.

You can avoid accidentally damaging your property this way. And the trained experts of a power washing company can properly dispose of used water at the end of the treatment too. Then you can see a more efficient process when it comes to your time as well as the safety and well-being of your community. Call 650.227.9033 to consult with cleaning experts in San Carlos, CA today.

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