Factors Impacting Power Washing Quotes

Is it time to clean the outside of your property? If you want to tackle stubborn stains or wash away regular debris accrual in your exterior municipal or commercial space, you can call your local cleaning company to power wash the area.

Worried about the price of hiring an exterior cleaning contractor? You can consult with an expert first about the expected work to receive an accurate quote of what you can anticipate paying for this task prior to starting the job. Read on to learn three factors that a contractor will consider when estimating the cost of your power washing job.

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Size of Designated Space

One component of a power washing job that influences the overall cost is the size of the area requiring cleaning. A small space, like an outdoor patio, will cost less to wash than a large parking garage.

The contractor will ask you exactly where you would like them to clean. They will inquire about floor space, walls, ceilings, and other fixtures. Planning out the job in advance ensures you know what the end total you will pay will be. It helps the cleaners understand the task at hand so that they can achieve it as efficiently as possible while still providing high-quality service.

Complexity of the Job

Power washing can successfully spray away particularly stubborn stains just as well as it can get rid of everyday dust and dirt. If you do have a tricky mess you would like cleaned up with power washing, this could affect your quote.

A more complicated job will cost more than a routine maintenance wash. You should schedule annual basic power washing to ensure your property looks its best and that grime and build-up do not cause premature structural problems. But more serious messes can take more time and attention than a routine job.

Tight spaces or delicate fixtures in the area might make a job more complex or difficult as well. Many windows on a building, for instance, will end up taking longer to clean around which will increase the cost.

A cleaning expert will check out the area and look for these hazards that may interfere with the job. They can work around them, but it may affect the final cost.

Required Number of Washes

As mentioned, bigger messes may mean that you will spend more to power wash your property. But if you allow a stain to dry and settle for a long period of time, it can make it more difficult to remove. An exterior cleaner may then need to power wash the area two or more times to completely get rid of the stain.

To avoid these stubborn discolorations on your property, do not delay in contacting a cleaning specialist. You should also keep up with your routine maintenance and cleaning. This ensures stains do not linger and seep deeper into your property.

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