New Buildings Require Power Washing

Power washing is a highly effective method of cleaning that involves a high-pressure spray of heated water. This process can wash away many types of stubborn stains and grime from your property.

When you think of this type of cleaning, you might imagine an older, visibly dirty building. Power washing can take care of cleaning this type of property, but it is beneficial for newer buildings as well. In fact, even new buildings should undergo regular maintenance and upkeep.

You should not skip cleaning processes because you think that a new building can handle less care. Discover the importance of routine exterior cleaning like power washing for buildings of any age by reading on.

New Buildings Require Power Washing

Prevent Stubborn Build-Up

You might think of a new building as a clean slate. Since it appears so fresh and clean, you might wonder if it is necessary to wash it each year with targeted power washing. But a new building experiences the same exposure to outdoor elements like dirt, debris, and algae that an older building does.

For this reason, you should schedule routine exterior maintenance like power washing at least once per year for both old and new buildings. If you skip one of these cleaning appointments, the accrual of grime will remain in place. Then it can harden and collect even more dirt and mess.

The resulting grime on your building will then be harder to scrub or wash away down the line. You can simplify your cleaning process by sticking to regular power washing and other maintenance.

Regular Cleaning Protects Building Structure

You might look forward to a long-lasting structure in your new building. Newer materials in the building’s walls and foundation mean that you can look forward to a sound structure that will not need repairs for some time, unlike an older building. But if you skip power washing and other exterior maintenance, then the structure of your new building can weaken at a much faster rate.

Algae, for instance, and other dirt can damage your building over time. If you leave it on your building without cleaning it away, it can seep into the foundation and lead to serious damage. Improve the longevity of your building, even if it is new, by discussing routine power washing with an exterior cleaning company near you.

Maintain an Attractive Appearance

A new building can look contemporary, sleek, and clean in your community. But as mentioned, a building of any age can be subject to mess and damage from the surrounding outdoors. You might notice an acute mess, like graffiti, quickly. But some grime can develop at a slower rate and can influence your building’s appearance gradually.

You might not realize how much this build-up affects the appearance of your building until you clean it. So if you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, you can ensure your property continues to look its best. Call expert power washers today to find the best maintenance plan for your building.

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