Protect External Pipes When Power Washing

Power washing is a tried-and-true way to clean stubborn grime from exterior walls, pavement, features, and more. The combination of heated water and a high-pressure spray allows you to tackle tough stains even on porous materials like concrete.

But the pressure from the power washer could damage certain materials, such as wood, if you are not careful. And outdoor features like pipes may sustain damage without proper measures taken to protect them. Discover precautions you should think about before you begin a power washing project near external pipes when you read on.

Protect External Pipes When Power Washing

Clean External Pipes with Appropriate Methods and Equipment

Features exposed to the outdoors will collect dirt, pollen, and other messes over time. Power washing is a highly effective cleaning method to get rid of this type of build-up. But the high-pressure spray could damage certain fixtures that are otherwise durable enough to exist outside, such as plumbing features.

Under high pressure, pipes might crack or weaken. Then you could create a leak in the plumbing system, which can cause immense property damage and require costly repairs. Older pipes made from clay or lead could be more likely to break than newer copper pipes. But all of these pipes could be at risk of structural damage if washed incorrectly.

It is possible to clean external pipes without damaging them. You need to ensure you use a special nozzle that is safe to use on the specific surface of the pipes. Too much pressure through the nozzle could hurt the pipes, so pay attention to the settings on the equipment.

You should also employ a sweeping motion when cleaning the pipes. This way, you can avoid spending too long spraying one spot in the pipes, which could weaken them. If unsure, speak to an expert cleaner or plumber before starting your power washing project.

Hire an Expert Power Washing Company for External Cleaning

Because the risk of accidentally damaging your pipes while power washing is high, you should hire a professional exterior cleaning company to wash your property. They know which tools, nozzles, equipment, techniques, and pressure settings to use for each type of material they encounter. This way, you can avoid harming pipes or other outdoor features during the cleaning process.

Plus, trusting experts to power wash your property ensures safety for your building, pipes, and personnel. They can also complete the job thoroughly, making sure they do not miss any spots.

Then you can look forward to increasing the lifespan of the pipes and other aspects of your property. Without routine cleaning, pipes could rust, form clogs, or otherwise deteriorate. You may face a different type of plumbing emergency in this case, so do not delay washing your pipes. And you can avoid having dirty, unsightly, visible pipes disrupting the aesthetics of your property.

Zero Turn Power Washing has experience cleaning exterior pipes safely and effectively. Call our team today to get an estimate for your power washing job at no cost to you.

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