How Long Does Power Washing Take?

Whether you need a routine cleaning for the exterior of your building or need to target a particularly stubborn stain on your property, power washing will require planning. Consulting with a team of professional cleaners will provide you with specific details related to your washing needs. But you might want to have an idea of some information ahead of this conversation.

One of the primary questions commercial property owners ask is about the length of professional power washing. The time involved in completing power washing will vary for each client. But you can read on to learn how you can determine how long your power-washing project may take.

How Long Does Power Washing Take

Factors That Influence the Length of Power Washing

The length of time it will take to completely power wash your property will depend on a number of factors. A professional exterior cleaner will explore these concepts in greater detail over the phone. But you can anticipate the following considerations to impact your cleaning project:

  • Size of your property: It makes sense that a larger building will take longer to wash than a smaller one. On average, you can anticipate that a small property, about 1200 to 1500 square feet, will require about 30 minutes to clean. Bigger buildings or structures can take two to three hours to fully wash.
  • Severity of mess and grime: Washes for routine maintenance may take less time to complete than a more severe stain that has been settled into the material for some time. It may involve more than one wash to fully treat complex messes. Sometimes, outside factors like tight spaces can affect the length of time of the washing process too.

Because the length of the cleaning process can vary significantly, you should consult with a team of professionals and provide them with details about your property. This way, you can have a clearer idea of what to expect when cleaners arrive.

Consider Set-Up and Clean-Up Windows

Power washing involves the usage of special equipment, which may include portable power washers or drivable cleaning units. They will require connections to local water sources to operate. Plus, the cleaning team will need to analyze the project before getting started.

For these reasons, you should factor in about 15 to 30 minutes into the length of your cleaning project for set-up. You should also add this window to the end of the project to allow for cleaners to clean-up before leaving the site.

The cleaning team will need to dispose of excess water at the job site using vacuum port units. Then they must disconnect equipment from water sources and stow away their tools. This way, they can leave your property looking as clean as possible after this thorough washing process.

Learn details about these steps in the process when you call our team of experts. They can also give you an estimate for the cost of this project as well. If you want to know about our routine services in San Carlos, CA, reach us online or call us at 650.227.9033.

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