Power Washing in Belmont, CA

When you think about power washing, you may think of cleaning your siding or the sidewalk. But at Zero Turn Power Washing, we provide multiple kinds of power washing services in Belmont, CA. Power washing can be useful for many commercial and municipal needs.

belmont, california power washing

Quality Power Washing Technology

We want to make sure all of our clients are extremely satisfied with our services. That’s why we use the best technology available. One of our choice units is called the ZRP 4000, our patented drivable power washing unit. The temperature at contact can be up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, with 4500 psi.

It works by having three heads spinning simultaneously, all while being enclosed in a circular disk. This machine is portable and works well as an all-in-one cleaner. The ZRP 4000s also utilize a Sirocco vacuum system. Our goal is to be eco-friendly, and the vacuum system helps us do that. Any water pools that we make will automatically be reclaimed before leaving the site.

For smaller areas that require a more compact solution, we also have magnum power washers. They even come with special attachments that are specifically for gum removal! Gum is one of the most difficult things to get rid of, so we make sure to have equipment that can make sure it gets eliminated.

Municipal Power Washing Services

Municipal areas are a hard thing to keep clean. Municipal buildings and areas are places that are extremely important for the community. They are also places that many people are going in and out of every day, leaving them vulnerable to contamination, grime, and dirt buildup. This makes it essential to make sure they stay clean.

Your municipal facilities reflect the quality of the community they serve. You want to make sure that this is a good impression. Members of the community don’t want to go into buildings and places that are run-down and dirty. Though they’re high-traffic areas, it’s important to make sure they’re held up to the highest standards. Belmont, California power washing services can help you accomplish this.

Commercial Power Washing Services

If you’re a business owner, you also want to put the best face forward. This means having an appealing storefront that’s clean and inviting to clients or customers. It’s also crucial to prioritize the safety of customers and your employees. Buildups of debris and litter can be hazardous for everyone’s health.

Power Washing in Belmont, California

Whether you take care of a municipal building or you’re a store or other business owner, we can help make sure everything stays clean and safe. Call us or request a quote online!

COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

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