Power Washing in Mountain View, CA

As a locally-owned and family-run company, Zero Turn Power Washing knows how important it is to give back to the community. Our Mountain View, CA power washing services are designed to make sure the community we live in is kept safe and clean. That’s why we offer power washing for a variety of municipal, commercial, and business properties.

power washing in mountain view, california

Working Side By Side With Community Leaders

We aren’t a company that just provides you with a list of services to choose from. Particularly with municipal solutions, we want to work with city leaders to make sure we’re targeting the correct areas and problems. We want to come up with a comprehensive plan to take on the problem areas that you want to focus on.

Zero Turn aims to eliminate any inconvenience our services may cause as well. We can perform our duties overnight or outside of regular business hours to minimize any issues with traffic or pedestrians. You can perform your duties as normal, don’t have to close down, and can know that your property is in safe hands to get the job done.

Our Patented Power Washing Technology

Zero Turn aims to be a cut above other power washing companies. This shows with our patented power washing technology. Our unique machines are designed to be eco-friendly and extremely efficient. We want to show that we’re the best person for the job and have a variety of machines to make sure we get that job done well.

To start, we have our driveable unit, the ZRP 4000. This utilizes three heads that spin simultaneously that are enclosed in a circular disk. The whole system is self-contained, meaning that instead of spreading dirty water around, they’re sucked up through vacuum ports. We want to make sure we meet wastewater standards and are as eco-friendly as possible.

The ZRP 4000 can perform up to 4000psi with temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the ZRP 4000 especially good at gum removal, as it disintegrates at extremely high temperatures. This machine ensures that we deliver quality work and helps us increase the efficiency of said work as well.

For tighter areas, we use magnum power washers. They’re a portable, mobile option that makes it a lot easier to get into nooks and crannies. They even come with specialized wands that are specifically used to get rid of gum. We’re able to efficiently complete a job even when the areas are small and aren’t ideal for our bigger machines.

Power Washing in Mountain View, California

Do you need to clean up your exterior with power washing? Zero Turn can get the job done. If you’re ready to get started, call us or request a quote online!

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