Power Washing in South San Francisco, CA

Throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Zero Turn Power Washing provides quality services to ensure cleanliness and safety for the various communities. We offer South San Francisco, CA power washing services for both municipal and commercial buildings.power washing in south san francisco, california

Unique Power Washing Technology

At Zero Turn, we want to make sure that we’re a step above other power washing companies. We want to show our value and make sure our clients know the Zero Turn difference. This is why we utilize our own patented power washing technology to take on our jobs. We aim to be as quick and efficient as possible, while also meeting all wastewater and environmental guidelines.

First is the ZRP 4000, our patented drivable unit. It can reach up to 4500psi and 230 degrees Fahrenheit. This disintegrates gum with heat and allows it to be easily removed from surfaces. With all of our machines, we employ a vacuum system. Instead of pushing around dirty water, it’s all sucked up with the vacuum.

Lastly, we also use magnum power washers. We recognize that the ZRP 4000 can’t always reach every surface that needs to be cleaned. These mobile, portable units allow us to get into tighter areas and still ensure that things get cleaned. Each one is equipped with a specialized wand that’s designed to get gum and stuck-on grime off.

Commercial and Municipal Power Washing Services

Our South San Francisco, CA power washing offerings include both municipal and commercial business services. Whether it’s for your business, rental property, or public municipal areas, we can help keep things clean and safe for both staff and customers.

We don’t want to be just like the other power washing companies. It’s important that we sit down with the business owner or city management to make sure our proposal contains everything that you need to be taken care of. Particularly for municipal services, we want to know the exact needs of each and every building or property, as we know they may vary.

Zero Turn also knows that you need to make sure your business hours don’t change and we don’t inconvenience customers or traffic flow. We can do our services after hours or overnight to make sure that we don’t interrupt the typical flow of your business. Your building is taken care of without you having to make arrangements to close.

Power Washing in South San Francisco, California

Our aim is the safety of the people in our community. Are you ready to start a plan to clean up your property? Call us or request a quote online!

COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

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