Solar Panel Cleaning San Mateo County, CA

When was the last time you had your solar panels professionally cleaned? 

While a small amount of dust won’t dramatically affect the sun’s ability to absorb into your solar panels, our Bay Area community is different. Recent wildfires spread ash over solar panels, which degrades their efficiency. The best and the safest way to clean your solar panels is to contact the professionals at Zero Turn Power Washing. Zero Turn Power Washing is a local family-owned business established in 2015 and located in San Carlos, CA.  Our solar panel cleaning services are specialized in ash removal from fires on residential and commercial buildings. We can help you restore your solar panels from the impact of these wildfires so that you can get back to enjoying the cost-saving benefits of solar panel energy solutions.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services in San Carlos, CA and San Mateo County

See the difference between dirty and cleaned panels

We understand that you want your home or commercial business to look its best at all times. First impressions are important, and when your visitors look up at your roof, they should see shiny and beautiful solar panels soaking in the good energy from the sun. If dust and ash from the wildfires have left your solar panels looking aged and dirty, this impacts the overall aesthetic of your home or building. Dirty solar panels reduce overall system performance, may cause permanent staining, and cause a loss of return on investment. When you choose to have your solar panels professionally cleaned, you are actually saving yourself money by ensuring the maximum output of the solar panel system and extending the life of your original investment.

The Safer Option to Solar Panel Cleaning

By hiring the professional solar panel cleaners at Zero Turn Power Washing, you are avoiding the major safety risks of doing it yourself. DIY solar panel cleaning is a dangerous job for homeowners and business owners everywhere. Any task that involves getting on your roof is best left to the professionals who are trained in effectively cleaning these systems. Additionally, solar panel cleaning isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You must ensure that you are using the right cleaning solution that will not impact the panel’s ability to absorb the sun.

Eco-Friendly. Always.

You’ve made the environmentally conscious decision to invest in solar panel energy. We respect this decision and want to aid you in continuing the mission. Zero Turn Power Washing is an eco-friendly company; we follow all BASMAA wastewater recovery regulations on every project and are fully licensed, insured, and certified by PWNA (Power Washers North America). Rest assured that Zero Turn does not routinely use any cleaning chemicals or heavy-duty solvents. Any wastewater is vacuumed and disposed of properly per BASMAA specifications, and no water pools will remain after cleaning.

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