Properly Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are an ideal source of power for many residential and commercial buildings in our area. But do you think about the need to properly clean your solar panels? At Zero Turn Power Washing, we offer solar panel cleaning in San Carlos, CA to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar panels.san carlos, california solar panel cleaning

A Unique Ecosystem

A small amount of dust is to be expected on solar panels that are constantly outside. But in the Bay Area, we have some weather occurrences that aren’t encountered as much in other places. Wildfires are always a concern in California, and layers of ash can collect on your solar panels. While a bit of dust isn’t too much of a hindrance, ash can impact the function of your solar panels.

Cleaning Solar Panels Safely

Solar panels are usually placed on the roof or another surface where they’re guaranteed to get the most sunlight. For business owners and residents — especially those with steep roofs — it isn’t safe for you to get up there and clean the solar panels yourself. Our professionals are trained to be able to clean solar panels and get up to these places safely.

You also want to make sure that you’re using the best solution to clean the solar panels. You can’t just clean solar panels with any regular cleaning solution. Some solutions may actually damage your panels or make it harder for them to absorb sunlight like they’re meant to. We know the proper cleaning solutions that’ll be effective without causing issues with your panels.

Ensuring Environmental Safety

While we want the cleaning solution to be effective, we also don’t want to use anything that’ll harm the environment. Solar panel cleaning is done outside and the cleaning solution will be sprayed throughout the air and come down off of the roof of the building. We avoid certain cleaning chemicals and heavy-duty solvents.

Our operations always follow BASMAA wastewater recovery regulations. We don’t leave pools of water when we’re finished. Wastewater is vacuumed and disposed of safely. Our company is also licensed and certified through Power Washers North America.

Realize the Difference

Once you get your solar panels properly cleaned, you’ll be able to see the difference. Instead of looking aged and dirty, the panels are gleaming and inviting to any visitors. You’ll also be able to see the difference in their productivity as well. If dirt lays too long on your panels, there could be permanent staining. The investment of getting your solar panels professionally cleaned gives you the greatest return on investment in the long run.

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning in San Carlos, California

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