How to Remove Stubborn Graffiti

If you spot graffiti on your commercial property, you might feel devastated to see this damage. This type of vandalism can disrupt the appeal of your business to potential customers. You will want to get rid of this paint from your building and outdoor area as soon as you can.

Paint can prove difficult to clean, especially if it has had time to settle onto the surface for a few days. You can still clear this mess from your property with help from external cleaning professionals like Zero Turn Power Washing in San Carlos, CA.

You can address some simple types of graffiti damage on your own. But you can see improved and more efficient results when you hire a power-washing company to clean it for you.

The type of surface affected by graffiti may affect the type of cleaning method necessary. And if you use the wrong tools to clean the mess, you could risk damaging your property further.

For a quicker and more reliable cleaning job, trust a team of experts. You can also read on to learn details about how to clean different types of graffiti from your commercial property.

How to Remove Stubborn Graffiti

When Can I Use a Power Washer to Eliminate Graffiti?

Power washing treatment involves aiming a heated, high-pressure stream of water at grime accumulation. The combination of hot water and a powerful jet will wash away many types of messes on a variety of surfaces. But this treatment and equipment will not be suitable for all types of surfaces on your property.

Soft-textured surfaces like stucco and wood might not withstand the high pressure that comes from power washing. They might sustain damage from this cleaning process.

However, power washing can prove useful in removing graffiti on many other surfaces, including vinyl and aluminum siding and concrete pavement. An exterior cleaning professional possesses the experience necessary to know when to use power washing equipment on a surface without causing damage.

Plus, they will know which settings to use and how to wield the equipment to properly remove stains and grime without affecting the underlying material. So make sure you consult with an expert before starting this cleaning project.

Do I Need Chemicals to Remove Graffiti?

In many cases, especially with freshly applied graffiti, you can remove stains and messes through power washing alone. But if graffiti paint seeps into your building walls, then you may need to use chemicals like paint strippers to assist in the cleaning process. Targeted cleaning supplies can break up the staining molecules from graffiti to make them easier to wash away.

Porous surfaces like brick and concrete are prone to allowing paint to penetrate deep into the material. They may benefit from chemical assistance before washing.

A power-washing expert will understand which type of cleaning products will best address your tough stains. For optimal results in getting rid of stubborn discoloration on your property, you should meet with a cleaning professional.

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